Top 8 T-Shirt Logo Placements

Top 8 T-Shirt Logo Placements

You’ve already heard that creating custom t-shirts are important for building your brand and advertising for your business (read more on this here). But it’s equally important to finetune the nitty gritty details for your custom t-shirt design, such as where to place your company’s logo. Logo placement comes in 8 standard locations, which are the locations that professional printers are typically accustomed to printing. Here is a breakdown of these 8 logo placement locations and things for you to consider when selecting each placement:

Left Chest

This logo placement is standard for work, including employee uniforms and shirts designed for company events. Left chest logos are usually printed around 3-4 inches wide in size and 3 inches below the collar, placed on the left side (from the perspective of the wearer). Because of its small size, logo designs placed on the left chest should be simple and not too detailed, or else you risk having these details missed. Pair the left chest logo with a full back (see ‘7’ below) if you want to show off more details on your design.

Center Chest

This design is about double the size of a left chest logo, sitting at about 6-10 inches wide at the center of the t-shirt, 3 inches below the collar. This logo placement is meant to be seen under a jacket or hoodie so logo design is especially important to nail down here.

Full Front

This is the most common logo placement when it comes to custom t-shirt designs, and sits at about 12 inches in width and 14 inches in height. Since this size is considerably larger than other logo placements, you’ll want to be mindful of your logo design and the use of negative space to ensure that your logo does not cover the majority of the t-shirt fabric in ink. Not only will gobble up a big chunk of the cost in printing, but it will also make your t-shirt not breathable, which can be uncomfortable for customers. 

Oversized Front

Yes, there is a size that’s even bigger than full front! Oversized designs usually measure around 14 x 16 inches, but this will vary depending on the size of the t-shirt, such as youth or ladies, and the style of shirt, such as V-necks or crop tops. Similar to full front logos, with oversized logos, it’s important to consider the use of negative space in order to save on the cost of ink and to ensure your logo has some fabric space to breathe instead of leaving you with a “sweat patch”.

Back Collar

This began as an atypical logo placement, but has since grown to become a popular option. In terms of size and logo detail, back collar designs are similar to left chest. They’re quite small, at 3 x 3 inches, but the advantage of this is that the design sits at eye level of the person standing behind you, allowing for a great view, especially when you’re standing in line for your morning coffee. 

Upper Back

When it comes to upper back logos, think of sports jerseys with names printed across the back. That is where this logo would be placed. Stretching across the back between the shoulder blades at about 12 – 14 inches wide, the upper back logo is perfect for designs that are text-heavy.

Full Back

This is basically the flip side of the Full Front logo placement, and is the second most popular logo position. Because it is located at the back, there is usually a bit more space to work with, so the logo design can be larger than a Full Front design. This placement is optimal for large, bold, colorful designs with a lot of detail (think: dtg printing!). Also, many customers opt to pair the full back with a left chest logo. 


The sleeve placement is another interesting alternative and pairs well with a left chest logo (with the preference of the right sleeve to balance out the location). The sleeve design typically sits at 1 inch above the cuff. Again, similar to left chest, the sleeve logo design should be simple as the sleeve does not offer much real estate so the space it occupies will be quite small.

Clearly, the logo placement decision should go hand-in-hand with your logo design phase, as the placement that you opt for will impact how you create your logo. Which placement do you envision your logo to reside in? How will this decision impact your choice of design? If you need advice on what would work best for you, contact an A2Z representative today.