Custom Apparel for Summer Sports Teams

Custom Apparel for Summer Sports Teams

Summer is here, and the warmer weather means plenty of time will be spent outdoors. Organized team sports for adults and children alike are about to dominate the field and crank up the heat this summer. And what spells team spirit, unity, and confidence better than custom jerseys and t-shirts for the entire team? And don’t forget about the screaming fans, who will want to support each team with custom apparel for themselves to don too. There’s something for everyone when it comes to summer sports. Here are some ways that personalized apparel can be created for your community summer sports league, whether it’s little league, advanced youth sports tournaments, or rec sports for the whole family. 

Screen printed jerseys

Jerseys are a must-have for any team sport. If you’re looking for matching jerseys with your team name and logo, but do not require extra customization like individual names or numbers, then screen printing is the way to go. Screen printing is the ideal printing method for large bulk orders, like jerseys of a single design for the entire team or for fan apparel for large crowds. It’s also great for printing vibrant ink tones on those darker colored fabrics like navy or black, typical of some baseball, basketball, or hockey jerseys. Screen printing also works well on different materials, like cotton t-shirts and sweatshirts, or jerseys made of nylon, polyester and spandex.

Embroidered caps 

Embroidered apparel is great not only for the team, but also for the loyal fans in the bleachers. Embroidered designs are elegant, professional, and long-lasting, and are ideal for customizing thick materials like caps or heavy sweatshirts or jackets. This means that these items can be used and re-used, which works well if the player is a long-time returning team member or if the apparel is meant to be returned and re-used for the next season with a new roster of players. 

Things to Incorporate in your Sports Apparel

There are some basics to keep in mind when customizing sports apparel for your team. Here are some things to keep in mind to design the perfect gear to help your team gain the competitive style-advantage:


Use simple designs and bold colors that are easy to see when players are fast and on the go. Avoid intricate details and opt for more simple silhouettes and shapes, as finer details may get lost with the distance and speed of the players wearing the designs.

Sports Symbols

Use symbols that are relevant to the sport that is being played, like a baseball, a bat, a racket, or a stick. 


Incorporate an image of the team mascot (if you have one) within the design of your jersey to help set your team apart and add character to your design.

Unifying Logos

Create a logo that can unify the team members with their fans, and that can be used not only on jerseys, but also on other items like caps, water bottles, or gym bags. Remember, you’re creating a brand for your team and your supporters!


For more design tips for creating the best sports team apparel this summer, read our Guide to Creating Hot Custom Shirts for an Eventful Summer (to be linked when it’s online), and contact A2Z to help knock your designs out of the park!

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