How UV DTF can help you diversify your line of custom products

How UV DTF can help you diversify your line of custom products

As a small business-owner, you can probably appreciate the constant demand for variety and the need for versatility in order to keep up with your clients’ needs. One day, custom apparel like hoodies and t-shirts may be the trend, but the next, your customers may have added tote bags to their roster of desired products… or water bottles, or kitchen and home goods. The demands are endless, and as a result, the supply should be too. You’ll need to bring you’re a-game and be prepared for the changing winds of the market. How can you ensure your custom printing business can be niche enough for a loyal client base but also remain flexible enough to accommodate so much variety? The answer may be in your printer.

Why UV DTF printing?

The reason UV DTF printing technology has a competitive advantage over other printing options like DTF printing is because it has the ability to customize just about any type of surface, texture, or material, whether it’s leather, plastic, acrylic, glass, crystal, textile, wood, stone, metal… you name it! Other printing techniques like DTF printing will limit you to products that are soft, like textiles/clothing (T-shirts, hoodies, etc.) because it requires the use of a heat press -- a step that is not involved in UV DTF printing thanks to the use of two films and lamination that can be applied without the use of heat onto any surface. This makes UV DTF printing super versatile, allowing you to dabble into customizing just about any product you could possibly think of. 

What kind of products can you customize with UV DTF?

The list is really endless, but here are some popular items that are ideal for a smooth, seamless, crisp custom finish using UV DTF printing:

Glass bottles, Tumblers, and Mugs 

These are often a popular gift item during the holiday season or special occasions, and can be appreciated by just about any age group in any setting, like work colleagues, teachers, and even children whose interests are developing and changing as fast as they are and will want a custom water bottle to match their taste!


Stand out from the crowd of “same-old, same-old” luggage rotating endlessly on the conveyor belt and spot your belongings immediately with personalized luggage, whether it’s hard shell or soft.

Cellphone Cases

Cellphones can really represent another accessory and fashion statement, with cases that come in any colour and design. With UV DTF printing, you can go one step further with a custom design that you won’t see anyone else carrying on them.

Home Décor and Kitchenware

It’s absolutely no surprise that the custom home décor business has skyrocketed over the past few years. To achieve a more sophisticated look beyond home-made Cricut designs, UV DTF will give you that professional, perfect finish for your home, like custom charcuterie boards, personalized barbecue tools or cooking utensils, aprons, ceramic containers, and the list goes on. Time to start taking an inventory of your home to see what is yet to have your family name or logo design on it!

Window Stickers and Decals

These can be used not only for fun, but also for work. Achieve a professional window sticker that showcases your logo and important information for your business’s store front, or create cute window stickers for different occasions and seasons for your children, like Halloween, Christmas, or birthdays.

Sports Equipment

For die-hard sports fans, having a custom baseball bat, ball or glove, hockey stick, or even athletic shoes will give you not only a competitive edge but a trendy streak too. These are items that can stay with you for life, so why not customize them to make a cherished memory using UV DTF printing?

The list goes on

And don’t forget, clothing and textiles are still game for UV DTF… that’s why this printing technique is that much better! Using this list of ideas as a starting point, unleash your creativity and explore how savvy you can get with UV DTF printing for your small business or personal needs.


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