DTF (Direct To Film) Printing


DTF printing is also called Direct-to-Film printing. This is because it prints a design onto a piece of unique transfer film. This design can then be applied to a garment to transfer the design.

The transfer film is a stretched polyester film made from a sturdy polyethylene terephthalate (PET). This film is ideal for design transfer because of its high tensile strength and chemical stability.


DTF Printing Process

DTF printing requires a DTF printer and special software to print the design onto a PET film sheet. A water-based ink prints the design onto the film and then dries.

After the design dries, a powered glue is added to the design, and it is heat cured to lock in the ink. The design film may be stored for transfer at a later date, or it can go right to the next step. 

A heat press activates the powdered glue to adhere to the fabric, and the design transfers to the t-shirt in as little as 15 seconds. 


Benefits of DTF Printing

There are several benefits of using DTF printing to create custom t-shirt designs.

1) DTF printing can be used on non-cotton fabrics, such as polyester, which can be harder to print using other printing methods.

2) DTF printing is also faster than other printing options. There's no need to let the design sit to dry for long periods like different types of printing.

3) The process uses less ink than other methods, with only 40% white ink. So it has a much lower cost.

With less ink usage, a lower cost, and no lengthy drying times, you can diversify your t-shirt print catalog designs much more.


DTF Printing vs. DTG Printing

Unlike DTG printing, DTF printing does not require a pre-treatment process to get the fibers to accept ink. DTF can print onto non-cotton fabrics much easier than the DTG printing method.

The print quality for DTF printing is more durable than DTG printing and can withstand up to 45 hand washes without peeling, cracking, or fading.

The curing powder used for DTF printing dries the design onto the shirt with a smoother plastic-like feeling, whereas the DTG printing method makes the design feel rougher on the fabric's surface.

DTF printing costs less than DTG printing and offers a professional-looking high-quality design.


Get creative.

DTF printing is taking the textile industry by a storm because of it's cost-effectiveness, reliability and unmatched quality. Design or upload your very own artwork by simply visiting the link below.

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