What are your store hours?

We are open Monday through Friday 9:30-6 pm.  Saturdays 11-3 pm.

When will I receive my custom print order?

Our turn around time is 5-7 business days.

What if I cannot find an item I want on your website?

You can checkout our more extensive catalogs.  www.4logowearables.com or www.companycasuals.com and let us know which items you would like us to order or quote you on.

Can I bring in my own items to customize?

Yes, we do allow you to bring in your own items.  But, please keep in mind if any of your items are misprinted, damaged, or ruined in the process of production, we will not replace or reimburse for the product.  Your options would be refund for the "printing" or we can allow you to bring in another item to be printed.

Why are some shirts different shades from others?

Our manufacturers come from all over the world.  The dyeing process in one facility may differ from the dyes in another facility.  This is something we cannot control.  

What's the difference between DTG and Screen Print?

With digital printing or DTG, your design is printed directly from the computer to the shirt using large ink jet printers. This technique allows you to print tons of colors making it a perfect choice for full-color photographs. Plus, DTG allows us to offer custom t-shirts with no minimum order requirement.

Screen printing is a more traditional t-shirt customization method in which each color in a design is separated and burned to individual fine-mesh screens. Ink is then transferred to the shirt through the screen. Teams, organizations, and businesses usually opt for screen printing because it’s more cost-effective for printing large custom apparel orders.  This method has minimum quantities to print.  

What happens after I place my order?

If needed, we will prepare an artwork layout to be sent for approval.  We will also start pulling your order aside to prepare for production.  Once all artwork and products are ready to go, the items and artwork move onto the respective production departments to get printed or embroidered.  Once they're completed you will receive a notification letting you know your order is ready for pickup or has shipped. 

What if I need to place a reorder, do I have to pay setup fees again?

Setup fees are one time fees, unless there is a change is size or wording then there will be additional charges.  If you did screen printing you will have to meet a certain minimum to place a reorder.  Embroidery, DTG, and Vinyl do not have minimums for reorder.  

Can I make a change after placing my order?

Typically due to the quick turn around times we are unable to make any changes.  Please contact us via email or phone to see if we can accommodate your request.

What affects my price?

The first component when calculating the price of your custom t-shirts is the product. Our catalog spans budget-friendly options like the Heavy Cotton Tee, to a soft t-shirt like the Ringspun Crew.

Next is the print method. For digitally printed orders, pricing is determined by the number of print locations (front, back, both). Screen printed orders take into account the number of locations AND the number of colors per location (ex. 1-color front, 2-color back).

Last is quantity. Ordering more of the same design lets you take advantage of price breaks and pay less per shirt. With screen printed orders especially, you’ll see huge discounts as you add more shirts to your order.

Can I print trademarked images?

We are not able to print copyright or trademarked images unless you own the rights to that design or image. 

Will the design size be the same for all the shirts?

Due to the nature of most print methods, we do use the same size print across all shirts sizes.  There are some exceptions to the rule, like for infants or toddlers we usually opt for dtg or vinyl to avoid having to make the design so small for the larger shirts.  Typically we will print youth XS to 5XL using the same screen layout.  If you wish to pay for DTG on some of the youth let us know and we can let you know the cost difference.

Do you guys offer rush orders?

Yes, in most cases we can accommodate rush orders from next 1-2 days to a few hours.  Please give us a call to see if we can help you with your request with an expedited fee.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. For your protection, we screen all credit card orders for potential fraud, so double-check your billing and shipping addresses to avoid delays with your order.

We also accept Zelle (info@monatshirt.com) and cash in store.  

How can I reduce the cost of my product?

  • Design on white. We’ve got plenty of apparel options to choose from, especially in white. Production costs are lowered when you print your design on white apparel.
  • Use fewer colors. Is it a screen printed order? If so, reducing your color count will have a significant impact on lowering costs. Screen printed orders use the number of colors in a design to calculate the price. Lower the number of colors, and you’ll lower the cost. If you’re not sure how, or you need help simplifying an uploaded image, Contact Us and our art team can make sure your design looks great using minimal colors. If you need something changed, you can also make sure to leave notes on the design and our artists will be sure to address it and can even send you a digital proof before your order heads to production.
  • Stick to just one location. Each print location adds to the cost of the order. Combine elements to just one location and you can see a significant reduction in cost.
  • Increase your quantity for better pricing. Yes, the more you buy the more you save is actually true. Because our production costs per piece go down as quantity increases, we pass that savings on to you. The more pieces you add to your design the cheaper each t-shirt becomes. This is especially true for screen printed orders. You’ll see some huge discounts for higher quantities that make getting cheap custom t-shirts for your group or organization easier than ever.