Profitable Products from A2Z For Your Amazon or Etsy Store

Profitable Products from A2Z For Your Amazon or Etsy Store

Bringing your online store to Amazon or Etsy is a game-changer in the world of business. In 2021, Etsy generated $13.5 billion in merchandise sales volume (GMV). Amazon’s GMV, not surprisingly, was $610 billion! E-commerce is immensely profitable for small business owners because it allows you to expand your market exponentially and tap into customers from around the world that you may not have otherwise reached. But simply having an Amazon or Etsy store does not guarantee your success. Having the right products that are universally appealing and follow the latest product trends is a strategy that will ensure your sales soar. Based on market research, certain types of products stand out for online sellers. These products are typically priced well, between $15 and $75, have relatively low competition, and have at least 300 sales per month, and are linked to related products, allowing you to sell multiple products and increase your revenues. Enter the world of fashion, an industry valued at $700 billion, and is only expected to grow year after year, with a vast array of related products for the consumer to purchase to complete their entire look. Here are some profitable fashion items that you can add to your Amazon or Etsy store to set foot in this incredibly profitable industry:



A basic tee (or one in each colour!) is essential for anyone’s closet, both men and women. The best thing about basic tees is that they are low cost and can be sold for a high profit margin, especially if you take it a step further and add your branding or customize it to your customer’s needs. At A2Z, a basic tee costs only $3.75! We also sell bundles to help you save even more.



Hoodies make a great fashion piece and have surprisingly few sellers on the Amazon market, making it a great market to tap into for your small business. The average price of a hoodie is $27. A2Z sells hoodies starting at $13 a piece. You can make your product stand out by adding unique branding, like a catchy quote or powerful image, or offer a custom print or embroidery design, allowing you to price it high enough on your Amazon or Etsy store to make yourself a considerable profit while also keeping it cheap enough to garner plenty of sales.


Hats and Beanies

What good is a wardrobe without completing the look with accessories, like a hat or a beanie? These are super cheap products, starting at only $5 at A2Z, and come in different colours to match different styles. Hats and beanies are trendy statement pieces that can help you showcase your branding or custom print without compromising on style. The added bonus is that they are small in size and super lightweight, making shipping these products a breeze (and cheap!). Get a bundle of 12 in any colour and pay only $3 a piece!



Bags are not only fashionable, but also practical, and pretty much everyone needs on, whether it’s a backpack for school or the return of the fanny pack, now stylishly revamped into a hip or waist pack and an eye-catching fashion statement for women and men alike. A2Z sells bags starting at $8.50, and with a custom print or branding and marketed well, these can sell for over $20 (or even more!)


Ladies Sets

Cord sets are all the rage in women’s fashion trends today. Whether it’s a yoga set, jogger set, or lounge set, jump on this trend to get high exposure for your online store. With A2Z, you can take cord sets one step further and add your customization for a unique touch.


Kids Shorts 

Shorts are a staple in any child’s wardrobe. Imagine the potential for customizing your kid’s wardrobe by printing his or her favourite cartoon or movie character on them? Kids shorts start at just $10 in twelve vibrant colours!


Swimsuits never go out of style, and year after year, you’re sure to find a demand for these products, especially if you venture out to an international market, where it’s always summer somewhere! Get women’s swimsuits from only $15, men’s swim shorts for only $12, or a bundle of 12 at just over $10 a piece… and you got it, we customize these too, for your family beach vacations, destination wedding party, or whatever the occasion!


The advantage to getting your products with A2Z is two-fold: we offer both custom printing and bundles! Buy in bulk for a low price, get your branding or custom design printed on your items, and start selling for a high profit margin on your online store. Get in touch with A2Z today and let’s start selling!