Everything you need to know about DTF Transfers

Everything you need to know about DTF Transfers

You may have heard about direct-to-film (DTF) printing and the many benefits to using this innovative new technique to printing your custom apparel orders (but if you haven’t, check out our last blog here!). DTF printing works by printing your design on a layer of film, which is then transferred onto the garment of your choice through a heat press. This layer of film, called “transfer film”, is made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which is a durable material made to withstand the heat from the heat press used in the transfer process. 

What are Gang Sheets?

A gang sheet refers to printing multiple designs or images on the same transfer sheet. Transfer film sheets used for DTF printing can come in different sizes. Here at A2Z, we offer multiple gang sheet sizes.

What are the advantages of using a Gang Sheet?

Gang Sheets

The advantages of using gang sheets for your custom prints are multifold. 

First, as we mentioned before, on any given transfer film sheet, you can print multiple designs of any size within a single sheet. That way, you can print many versions of the same design for a bulk order, or even different designs for different orders, all together on one sheet. Simply cut out each design and apply them using a heat press onto the appropriate garment for each individual order. This saves on costs associated with purchasing transfer film sheets. With gang sheets, you don’t pay per image. Instead, you pay only for the cost of a single transfer film, with as many designs as you can fit onto a sheet.

Second, if you’re in the development phase and are exploring new designs to use for your custom order, but are unsure of which design to go with or how they will look in the end when they’re printed onto your garment, you can easily create multiple variations of your design as part of a single gang sheet and see which one you like best. You can rest assured knowing that you’re not wasting materials or losing money when trying out different designs, since you’re only using a single transfer film sheet. With gang sheets, you have the freedom to tap into your creative process with ease!

How to apply your DTF Transfer

  1. Preheat the garment of choice for 15 seconds to remove excess moisture. Let the garment cool before adding the transfer.
  2. Place the transfer on the shirt, white side down, image facing up.
  3. Press at 325°F for 15 seconds under very firm pressure.
  4. Remove the garment from the press and let it stand until it is warm enough to peel.
  5. Peel the image when it has cooled down.
  6. For high quality results, cover the image with parchment paper or a Teflon sheet and press a second time for another 15 seconds. If the image does not come off completely, repress with the image in place, let it cool, and re-peel the film.

As a cost-effective eco-friendly method that uses water-based full color ink to achieve high quality results, there are endless possibilities with gang sheets and DTF transfers. Contact A2Z Wholesale Apparel to learn how you can explore custom designs using gang sheets for your next DTF order.

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